Our Mission

The Computing in Engineering Eduction (CEE) group helps transform the learning experience at SEAS through computational tools and techniques. We partner with SEAS faculty to develop engaging content for in-class activities or lectures, computational labs and homework, as well as consulting and supporting with computational infrastructure. We collaborate with industry partners to organize hands-on workshops on computational tools. We empower and ecourage the use of computational tools and techniques in design projects by advising and helping students across disciplines and backgrounds. Above all, the CEE team, comprised of engineers from the Active Learning Labs and SEAS Computing, is dedicated to support the SEAS educational mission.

Courses Supported by CEE

Listed below are recent courses supported by the CEE. The nature of CEE support varies for each course and is dependent on the requirements from the faculty instructors. 

Spring 2019 Courses

ES151 Applied Electromagnetics
ES170 Engineering Quantum Mechanics
ES120 Introduction to Mechanics of Solids
ES123 Introduction to Fluid Mechanics and Transport Processes
ES183 Introduction of Heat Transfer
ES128 Computational Solid and Structural Mechanics
CS205 Computing Foundations of Computational Science
CS51 Abstraction and Design in Computation
ES100 Engineering Design Projects

Fall 2019 Courses

AM115 Mathematical Modeling
AM227 Computational Methods in Physical Sciences
ES291 Nano Micro Macro
GENED1080 How Music Works
AM10 Computing in Science and Engineering
CS109a Introduction to Data Science
ES100 Engineering Design Projects
FRSEMR51N The Secret of Stradivarius or What Makes the Violin Sound Beautiful
ES298CR Methodologies in Design Engineering
ES181 Engineering Thermodynamics
ES125 Mechanical Systems